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- The problem you are solving (why is your company's product / service NEEDED)
- Your sustainable competitive advantage (why you will SUCCEED where others have failed)
- Your barriers to entry (how will you prevent COMPETITORS from taking your customers)
- The true market opportunity (how many CUSTOMERS can you reach)
Mailing & Communication
Our solutions are aimed reducing communication costs apart from offering a secure and reliable communication solution. We are experienced in serving mail users across small, medium & large enterprises and have developed the most inexpensive email management system, with flexible utilities. We offer the best telephonic and online support to our customers as and when required.
POP A/c's with Webmail
POP accounts with webmail are a perfect solution for people constantly on move. Our pop a/c's with webmail service allows the users to check mail from anywhere, using e-mail programs such as Eudora or Outlook. All you need is a computer and access to the internet.

Apart from the standard features, our pop acounts are powered with online virus and spam protection software that enables the user to work more efficiently. Some of the other features of pop acconts are:
  • Multi featured webmail interface, accessible worldwide.
  • Regular technical support
  • 99.9% uptime
Enterprise Mailing Solution

It is an established fact that almost 80% of the virus attacks are through e-mails and over 60% of the mails are spam. Imagine what havoc a virus attack can cause to an enterprise where each individual is handling crucial data. Add to it the work hinderance due to heavy spam and server downtime. With our experience and technical skills, we have developed an enterprise mailing solution that skillfully tackles these issues. This system can work with your existing mailing system as well, with advanced features.

Apart from ensuring 99% uptime for the mail servers, we also power our managed enterprise mailing solution with online virus scanner & spam controller that enables users to work more efficiently. We offer managed mail servers for companies with large setup and heavy mail traffic, that are secure, maintain privacy & confidentiality and are able to handle as many users as an enterprise may have.

Our managed mail server solution also allows all internal users to communicate over LAN with other cost-effective features like Auto Dialing, Address Mappings, Auto Reply, Forwarding, Mailing lists etc. Our solution also lets our customers retain control over certain functions, e.g. creating a new user or maintaining mailing lists etc., giving sufficient independence to them.
Lead Management System
The LMS automatically organizes all incoming mails and maintains a threaded history of the entire communication. The users have the facility to set the schedule for follow-up. They can compose mails with pre-defined content and use it for regular responses. The users can also feed offline leads received from any other source like phone etc. and maintain a complete history of communication.