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- The problem you are solving (why is your company's product / service NEEDED)
- Your sustainable competitive advantage (why you will SUCCEED where others have failed)
- Your barriers to entry (how will you prevent COMPETITORS from taking your customers)
- The true market opportunity (how many CUSTOMERS can you reach)
Online Business Ideas
We all know the importance of business sales leads for the survival of business. For the company that's just starting out, sales leads are the things that will break them into the marketplace. No need to mention how these sales leads are like a life line for the establshed companies to grow in the respective market. For this reason most of the organizations are constantly working hard on creating a steady stream of business sales leads which can support the organization in their survival. Read more: Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

Getting Leads Is a Continuous Task
If you carefully observe the companies which are ver successful in the market, you will find that they are regularly maintining a constant stream of business sales leads. Targets and referrals are the two lits which should be given a very good importance in order to maintain an effectuve and capable business sales leads. The ideal list would contain sales leads that are based on targeted referrals, for the simple reason that these targetted referrals can get good business. Needless to say, compiling these leads is a painstaking task. The compiler has to show dedication snd positive attitude towrds this process for successful compleation of task. People often go about compiling these lists in different ways, using methods like mapping facilities and direct marketing campaigns.

Use the free service offering of the websites on lead generation list. You may have so many leads in the kitty but what is the use if they are not prospective . Suppose, you got leads for a local website. This list will have both prospective and qualified leads. The qualified lead is one where the need is essential and the business will not run without the product or service. This means that you have a very clear-cut way to exploit and create business opportunities for yourself.

A potential lead however is far less secure - this person might need your product but could easily go with something else. This means you have to work harder to promote the need as well as your own specific product.
Attracting Clients
Long story short, the four strategies that high producing agents use most commonly to generate new business are referrals, advertising listed properties, open houses and networking. In effect, an open house in the real estate business serves the same purpose as a free sample for businesses that sell products or free trial for those selling services.

It has been estimated that in North America, 85% of new business comes from referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations. In effect a referral or recommendation to a specific business, is third party confirmation that the business is competent and trustworthy. Thus, the challenge for owners is to increase the number of people who believe that their business is sufficiently competent and trustworthy to recommend it to other people. This reputation for competence and trustworthiness doesn’t just happen--it has to be earned.

For real estate agents, advertising properties that they have listed for sale represent implied endorsements of their competence and trustworthiness. After all, the owners of the properties advertised for sale must have believed the agents to be competent and trustworthy; otherwise they would not have hired the individual agents to sell their properties. Testimonials from satisfied clients serve the same purpose. Undoubtedly you have satisfied clients; how can testimonials from them help you?