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You will learn: What is an Investor Ready Small Business Plan? 
- The problem you are solving (why is your company's product / service NEEDED)
- Your sustainable competitive advantage (why you will SUCCEED where others have failed)
- Your barriers to entry (how will you prevent COMPETITORS from taking your customers)
- The true market opportunity (how many CUSTOMERS can you reach)
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There are many opportunities on the internet that offers lots of information and choices to start your own Internet Business. Finding the right one sometimes can be a difficult undertaking. It is evident that no one just signs onto the internet and starts earning money click after click. Having an understanding of what product or item is the right choice, becoming better educated on the subject of interest you choose, having a plan with direction of the business and staying focused on your objective, (making long term residual income) are the underlying foundations and key factors in the Journey of building an Internet Business .
Making the right choice?
Lets take first take a look at "Making the right choice" of the Internet Business that is right for you. This in itself should take some time and shouldn't be a rushed effort. It should be thought out, researched, planned and cautiously executed and one should not fall under hasty decision making where one feels rushed or uncertain or feeling out of his/her league. This step in your journey can be the most difficult than anything else related to you business. It is kind of like when one sets down to write their first English paper, when the title has not been decided upon. This also is the most important step in your journey. Decide on what you want to be involved in, what your interest are and then build a plan to build your "dream" Internet Business. What is the right choice for you? Are you planning on building your Internet Business with a ground floor opportunity or are you looking for one that is already a proven business with proven results.
Understanding the "what" in what you are selling!
Now that the decision has been made and let's say for the sake of this article you have chose to go with the "right one" by taking on an Internet Business that is already established with proven results. What is the next step? Understanding what you are selling. How can a car salesperson sell a car to you if they don't know what they are selling? "Well this Ford Pickup truck here, brand new one I might add, has a Toyota engine in it that comes fully loaded with a 10 year lifetime warrant from Kia." Most often times the pre-built Internet Businesses come with some sort of tutorial. This is where your education starts. Finding the right choice that has the support required to take you to meeting and or exceeding your dreams and goals

Who said anything about a Plan?
You mean I have to have a plan?" Of course any business journey without one is certain to be on the failure list in a very short while. But what kind of plan do I need? This really depends on the type of business you are going with. You will first need to decide your financial goals and limits. Advertising can truly absorb a lot of this if you aren't careful. Then determine a business plan and if desired (Market willing) a business loan if needed. This plan for your Internet Business should include things like which advertising campaign you will use, a budget to control your spending, purchasing a reputable website, research and testing. Ensuring the services that you requested meet your expectations. What ever you do have a plan! I will say again What ever you do have a plan! Going about it with blinders on will only turn your dreams into an uncertain reality. Lastly, let's delve into "Staying Focused!"